Travel guidelines and settlement of expenses


Expenses incurred in connection with travel to an agreed location will be invoiced. Outside of Germany, I invoice the actual costs incurred including VAT. For my German customers, I invoice the costs incurred in Germany net and then add VAT (19%).

As a general rule, I always intend to book my trips early to avoid increased costs due to last-minute bookings.

General travel surcharge

In addition to the actual costs incurred, I charge an additional 400 € for trips that take more than four hours round trip.


My standard means of transport for travel outside cities is the train. Within Germany I travel in 1st class (with BahnCard 50, i.e., 50% discount). Abroad, second class without discount is my standard from which, however, I deviate situationally.

Air travel

If the travel time by train takes more than five hours one-way or requires more than two changes of trains, booking a plane is an option. In the case of a flight, I offset my carbon footprint and pass on the cost. All air travel will be economy class.

Arrival by car

In exceptional cases I may choose a rental or my private car (EV). I charge incurred costs for rental cars and for the journey in my private car I charge 0.35 €/km.

Inner city traffic

To get around in cities, I use public transport, ride sharing or, in exceptional cases, cabs.

Overnight stay

I choose hotels close to the agreed destination, preferably in the price range between 75 € and 125 €. Typical hotels are nh hotels or Motel One. In case of fairs or when staying in expensive cities, I make reasonable deviating decisions. In addition, I charge a meal allowance of 50 €.