Dr. Lars Hoffmann:
"I support clean energy thought leaders in creating shareholder value as independent board member and senior advisor."

About myself

As entrepreneur, manager, consultant, and engineer I bring a unique and credible perspective to the table


I founded and successfully sold the clean energy IIoT company fos4X


I scaled the company as CEO with strong focus on shareholder value


I have a business degree and McKinsey consulting experience


I have a PhD in sensor technology and degree in electrical engineering

My sweet spot

To ensure that my work is relevant and fruitful, I focus my time on European early to growth stage energy tech companies that will make a difference

How I deliver value 

I support as active, independent board member, industry advisor and management coach – always with a strong focus on shareholder value

Board member

I support energy tech companies as an active board member. As a board’s chairman I align expectations and needs of management and investors.

I make board meetings engaging, structured, and worth-while for everyone involved.

Senior advisor

I support venture capital and private equity companies in their investment decisions and advise their  portfolio companies.

In venture companies I help to lay the foundations (processes, culture and strategy) to be able to scale.

Leadership coach

I support leaders to avoid foot traps, to focus on the right aspects, to professionalize their organization, and to grow personally. 

I target issues with candor while taking other perspectives with empathy to help the leadership grow.

Some customers

I work with venture capital funds, private equity firms, accelerators and their portfolio companies

What's driving me

I am an entrepreneur and clean energy expert and I love to solve the pressing issues of our time together with creative and strategic thinkers

I am passionate about utilizing technology and market means to change the way we treat our planet

As a successful entrepreneur, I feel the urge to share my experience with other founders and leaders

I like to work creatively with diverse teams and cherish good startup culture and modern leadership